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About Us


"Our mission is to provide efficient, safe, reliable, and affordable transportation to improve the quality of life for residents of South Mississippi."

DJ Transit, Inc. was established in October 2009. A board of directors runs this non-profit organization. The office originated in Hattiesburg, MS, but was relocated to Laurel, MS in February 2015 to be more visible to the community. DJ Transit is a service provider for the Mississippi Department of Transportation Public Transit Division (MDOT) and provides transportation services to people living in rural areas. 


DJ Transit's first program was a Job Access Commute (JARC) service that provided guaranteed ride home transportation from un-urbanized areas to more urban areas in the local counties.The service area included Lawrence, Jefferson Davis, and Covington Counties. In addition to transportation to and from employment, the service also provided rides to and from schools and traning facilities.


In October of 2013, the non-profit organization expanded its service area with MDOT to Jones County with a Community Transit program. This allowed DJ Transit the opportunity to offer transportation to the entire community. The service allows citizens within the specified service area to use the transit program for medical, recreational, employment, and educational trips. 

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